Songs of Hasan Zirak (Kurdish Music)

Vocals: Hasan Zirak
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Vocals: Hasan Zirak

 The late Hasan Zirak was born in 1921 in Bukan. He lost his father when still in his childhood and began a miserable life in various town of Kordestan, in Iran and Iraq. He regarded himself as the fruit of Kurdish culture, and remembered with respect his old master, the late Mamusta Ali-Mardan. He used to say that the great artists of Kurdish music, resident in Baghdad, had instructed him passionately.
Though he never had a formal education, Zirak showed on exceptional talent in composing both music and poetry. These two gift, together with his unique voice enable him to begin a music career in Kordestan of Iraq. The magic of his music and his voice soon became widespread and he himself turned out to be the most popular of Kurdish singers.
In 1958 after the Kurdish-Language radio station began to work, he was employed as the chief Kurdish singer. There he met her future wife, Midieh Zandi. They had two daughters, for whom Hasan had sung a couple of his favourite songs. The life of Zirak was one of permanent wandering and migration. In Kermanshah he spent quite a long period, during which he managed to cooperate with other Kurdish artists such as Mirzadeh, Abdol-Samadi, and many others. This period contributed largely to his fame.
His last period was a total disaster. He was not the lark of Kurdish people anymore. He opened a traditional coffee-shop (Qahveh-Khaneh) near Bukan, where he breathed his last amongst the people who loved him and whom he loved. Finally he passed away in 1972 in a hospital in Bukan, due to an incurable disease.
Zirak was the wandering minstrel of Kurdish people. He began to step in a hard and everlasting route of Kurdish art and culture, a road with no return. The memory of this odyssey should be found in the treasure of songs he performed during his lifetime and in the heart of his friends and relatives.
He has now slept at the top of a mountain near Bukan, where he loved so much. But those who make a journey to Kordestan, before long, would understand that his kingdom is more expanded than at first might seem. His songs are still heard in the fields, in the roads and in the houses of Kurdish territory. ...

Published [09/02/2004]

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